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Amphitrite's Rules

For visiting and diving in Amphitrite cave, please contact us via email:



- Valid medical certification from a doctor (not older than 12months)

- Valid cave diving insurance

- Diving certification for full Cave.

-Dry suit certification.

Before the dive, all divers need to sign a guest registration form, accept the dive plan, rescue plan, and the rules of the Amphitrite Cave. After “paperwork”, divers analyze their gas, prepare and check all their equipment. Maximum divers in a cave are 3 plus the guide.


Required equipment:

- Mask & spare mask

- Fins*

- Hood

- Dry Suit.

- D12 Twin set with manifold and standard technical diving regulators (2 separate regulators, one with 210cm long hose)

- Regulators for stages.

- Cave divers with CCR certification, can use their unit with enough open-circuit bailout gas for safely return according to the dive plan.

- 1 dive computer or bottomtimer

- 1 compass (can be integrated in computer)

- 1 primary light with battery for minimum 90 minutes dive for line A and 180 minutes dive for line B.

- 2 separate backup lights

- 1 safety spool 35-40m

- 1 reel per group

- Line markers (cookies)

- 2 cutter (knife, easy cut, scissors)

- Wetnotes

*Upon request, you can use our jet fins and standard stainless steel backplate.

*We can arrange diving equipment, gasses and sofnolime and 3 or 7 lit cylinders for CCR divers.


Amphitrite Protection:

Amphitrite is a unique cave in the Archipelagos of the Aegean Sea. It's an area under protection because of the unique formations of stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave. Divers must be careful not to touch or kick with fins, any part of the rock formation during the dive. ​ It is strictly forbidden to take anything from the cave, and all divers should respect the secret beauty of  Amphitrite.

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